Baby Steps - Part 2

Remember I promised a refinement on the 'Baby Steps' concept? So here it is - every baby step must contain a verb (or an infinitive)!

When we have a task that is too large or too general (like ‘prepare a presentation’), we will probably avoid it as long as we can. We won’t necessarily know how to begin and waste a lot of time and energy deciding on where to start. That is why we said we have to break it down into small baby steps.

After we have done that, it will be much clearer to us what the next *action* is and we can simply get to the carrying out phase.

For example, in order to write the previous post, I broke it down into the following baby steps:

1. List in my Google Keep business account the ideas that come to me for future posts.
2. Go through the list and pick an idea that I like for a post and that will be of value to the people who read it.
3. Write an initial draft of the post.
4. Design a relevant image for the post.
5. Decide when to publish the post.
6. Reserve time for myself in the calendar for publishing the post.
7. Edit and refine the post.
8. Publish the post!

Instead of staring at the large daunting task (writing a post that will be of value for my readers 🤓), avoiding and postponing it, I simply broke it down into small, actionable tasks. I could complete them in different time segments (and didn’t need a few consecutive hours) and most of all, I could go straight to work!

Would you like us to think together on how we can help you advance the things that are important to you? The first baby step in this case would be to reserve us an initial consultation call of 30 minutes (my gift to you!). You can schedule it whenever it’s convenient for you and is available in my calendar – just click on the following link! 😁

Come on! I’m waiting to take the first step with you 🦶