Baby Steps - Part 1

How many times have we put off a large, daunting or complex task that we really need to get done, but just don't feel like doing?

So many times!!

Why? Because:
* We don’t have the energy to do it
* We don’t have time to do it
* We know that we will eventually get to it at the last minute and take care of it (and lose a few hours of sleep and get some gray hair in return)
* And so on…

But what if all we had to do was just to take a tiny step (a ‘Baby Step’) in that direction? How pleased would we be with ourselves? And how much would it help us complete the greater task? A lot!

The concept is very simple but takes a little time to comprehend and get used to it.

The question we need to ask ourselves is –

What is the next minimal step that can advance me toward completing my target or goal?

For example –
If we need to write a document or prepare a presentation, then the first baby step would be to open a new file, click “save as”, type in the name and click save! If we need to read an article, then reading the first 2 paragraphs. And so on…

The thing is –
If we have to begin a large, daunting or complex task that we don’t feel like doing – it just won’t happen and we will continue to postpone it.

But –
If we break down the task into small baby steps and start with the first minimal step, we will suddenly find ourselves doing a little more just because we have already gotten into it. We will see progress and we will have the motivation and energy to keep going (and each time we will move forward a little more).

Even though it’s a ‘Baby Step’, it’s a much larger step than we think!

In the near future, I will refine and expand on the way that I suggest working with the concept of ‘Baby Steps’, so follow N-Zman on LinkedIn and Facebook so you don’t miss out!