Time Management vs Self Management

Self Management (in) - Time Management (out)

Want to regain control over your time?
It’s in your own hands!

Managing our time is really not that simple.
To be more accurate, managing ourselves when we’re racing against time is really not that simple.

Let’s face it –
Time management is a bit worn out and some may even say it’s an annoying term! 🙄

We’ve all encountered this term on many occasions and most of us would like to be better at it.

But what does that really mean?
After all, we can’t really manage time, we don’t control it and it will pass one way or another.
In other words, we want to improve and control something that we have no control over!

On the other hand, we can definitely manage ourselves.
We can decide what is important to us and what we spend time on, and how much.
And yes, there will always be glitches and unplanned things that will pop up… and we will make sure to deal with them as well.
But if we take the reins back into our hands, we can conduct ourselves much better and above all – we can do it with a calmer mind and less guilt feelings!

I understand that it might seem as if I’m clinging to semantics… 🧐
But in my eyes, once we understand and truly comprehend that the control is really in our own hands, it’s super encouraging and opens the door to work and improve at managing ourselves. Like everything – it requires some training and investment, but we get better at it real quickly! 💪🏽

I believe that the term time management exists mainly because we have gotten used to calling it that.
In my opinion, self management is a more accurate term that better describes how we really manage ourselves within time, while trying to enjoy life and complete the load of tasks we have (and will always have!)

Think about it for a moment… and give it a few seconds to sink in… because you have spent the last 58 seconds reading my post, and you probably did it because you care about yourself and your time.

Can you relate to that? Maybe less? Share your thoughts with me and please feel free to reach out.

I invite anyone who wants to take the control back into their own hands to write to me now!

Don’t wait. Time flies…