Lectures and Workshops
for Companies and Organizations

I lecture, facilitate workshops and accompany teams, departments and companies in both Hebrew and English (mother tongue). I will develop and adjust the content to your organization and needs!

In the lecture or workshop, I focus on four steps, which in my opinion, lead to efficiency, productivity and task and time management in an effective and relaxed manner. While going through the steps, I expand on and demonstrate principles and methods in order to give the participants as many tools and ideas as possible. This enables the participants to figure out what works best for them personally.

At the end of the lecture or workshop, there is an option of continuing with a short and focused personal or group mentoring process. The goal of the process is to maximize the learning, assimilate and adjust the methods and tools in a personal and precise manner, so that they best suit each and every employee.

So let’s go, what are you waiting for?
We all feel that we don’t have time! (N-Zman in Hebrew)
Contact me and we will arrange a call shortly.

Among N-Zman's clients

What do they have to say?

"Itamar shared with us his knowledge and experience about time management which is one of the most important topics these days.
We learned so many simple and practical actions of how to arrange our day, be effective and even have time to watch Netflix with no regrets 😊
It was a great session! We already started to implement the tips and manage our time in a better way.
Thank you Itamar!"
Noa Vaserman
Noa Vaserman
HR Business Partner at Payoneer
"היה כיף גדול איתמר, והתגובות המפרגנות מהעובדים לא איחרו להגיע 🏆
המון תודה על הרצאה סופר מקצועית ומעניינת, על הכלים הפרקטיים שאפשר להתחיל ליישם מיד בסופה ועל האנרגיה הטובה והאכפתיות.
כבר מחכה לפעם הבאה! 🙂"
Ronny Karpel
Ronny Karpel
OD & Training Specialist at Wix.com
"איתמר הגיע להרצות אצלנו,
היה סופר מעניין, נושא שחשוב וקרוב לליבנו
ואין ספק שלמדנו כלים פרקטיים בהרצאה שיאפשרו לנו להשתפר בניהול הזמן שלנו בעתיד
רצוי לפנות יותר זמן משעה בלו״ז
כדי לגעת ביותר נושאים 🙂
ממליצים בחום!"
Hila Bosmi
Hila Bosmi
HR Manager at Intango
"I booked Itamar for a short workshop on 'time management' to provide my community with practical tools and practice them.
Right from the early stage of interaction with Itamar he was very professional, caring, it was obvious that it was important for him to convey relevant and quality content and was willing to adjust according to our needs.
The feedback from the participants was very positive."
Elina Lipov Budin
Community Manager & Career Advisor at HESEG Foundation
"איתמר, הייתה לנו הזכות לארח אותך להרצאה בחברה שלנו. רוצה להודות לך על
הרצאה מרתקת, מקצועית ומדויקת.
ההרצאה הייתה עשירה בידע וכלים,
והשאירה חותם וערך משמעותי לעובדים.
היה תענוג לעבוד איתך, תודה על כל האכפתיות, ההשקעה והדאגה לפרטים מקצה לקצה."
Inbal Retman
Inbal Retman
Office and Welfare Manager at Waycare (acquired by Rekor)
"איתמר, רציתי להגיד תודה על ההרצאה!
אנשים מאוד התרשמו
וכבר לא מעט עובדים אצלנו אמרו לי
שבזכות ההרצאה הלו"ז שלהם מסודר יותר!"
Maya Hirsh
Maya Hirsh
Employee Experience | Administration Assistant at Lumigo
"Thank you so much, Itamar!
This lecture was very informative,
and I am already implementing many of the things we discussed 🙂

Have a great year ahead!"
Tamar Kaptowsky
Tamar Kaptowsky
Consultant - Talent Acquisition
"איתמר מרצה מעניין וסוחף!
העובדים התלהבו וחלקם יישמו
את ההמלצות שלו בנוגע לניהול זמן
היה גם כיף!"
Lydia Mor
Lydia Mor
Head of HR at Appdome

Why choose to work with me?


First of all, you will tell me about your habits, difficulties, challenges and goals. Only after that can we work on it!


I have over 15 years of experience in time management methods in very challenging and stressful environments - including Google, 8200 and startups.


I will personally make sure to adjust the methods and tools to best suit you and your work environment.