Time Management vs Self Management

Time Management vs Self Management. Want to regain control over your time? It's in your own hands! Managing our time is really not that simple. To be more accurate, managing ourselves when we're racing against time is really not that simple.

Baby Steps (Part 2)

Baby Steps. When we have a task that is too large or too general (like 'prepare a presentation'), we will probably avoid it as long as we can. We won't necessarily know how to begin and waste a lot of time and energy deciding on where to start. That is why we said we have to break it down into small baby steps. After we have done that, it will be much clearer to us what the next *action* is and we can simply get to the carrying out phase.

Baby Steps (Part 1)

Baby Steps. How many times have we put off a large, daunting or complex task that we really need to get done, but just don't feel like doing? What if all we had to do was just to take a tiny step (a 'Baby Step’) in that direction?

T.E.A – Time Energy Attention

Time, Energy, Attention. An interesting theory that I came across in the past, in the context of productivity, refers exactly to this → T.E.A. According to the theory, most of the challenges we face fall into three categories - time, energy and attention.

The Pomodoro Technique

The Pomodoro Technique! A great time management method to help you stay focused. It was developed by a guy named Francesco Cirillo in the late 80's. The inspiration for it came from a tomato-shaped cooking timer he used while he was a university student.

Google Keep

Google Keep - We love making To-Do Lists and then crossing off the tasks we have completed ✔ ​True pleasure and satisfaction! Right? There are so many great apps and tools in the field of time and task management. In my opinion it really doesn't matter which one you choose, as long as there is a single platform which will contain all your tasks and it will be convenient and simple to use!